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The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

IMAGE: The landscape located southeast of Pilsen has as its axis the river Úslava and a parallel winding road. It is a pleasant agricultural region; one might even say delightful. At its centre, there is the town of Nepomuk, which was founded in the Middle Ages by the nearby Cistercian Monastery and became famous thanks to a native son later known as Saint John of Nepomuk. This undoubtedly ambitious and skilled priest stood up against the will of King and Emperor Wenceslas IV and paid for his bravery with his life. To commemorate his so-called cradle, a Baroque church dedicated to this figure was built here. This year, the Midsummer Museum reopened in Nepomuk in order to allow visitors to encounter the exceptional life of this saint and show related artefacts. There is Zelená Hora rising above Nepomuk, a Baroque castle with a church, which is slowly becoming involved again in the life of the region.

The Nepomuk area lacks other such large monuments; it is rather strewn with smaller structures, some of which are impressive for their originality, such as the Church of St John of Nepomuk in Nové Mitrovice, from where we can get to another major centre of the region – the town of Spálené Poříčí. There are several late Baroque houses spread on its square and in the surroundings, including a beautiful parish. When traveling around this area, it is advisable to pay attention to these admirable, although not opulent, buildings and minor architecture pieces. 

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  • kostel Nové Mitrovice
  • město Nepomuk
  • Spálené Poříčí
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  • zámek Kozel
  • zámek Zelená Hora
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