...experience Baroque with all your senses...

The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

2 July | Thursday 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Enlivened city tours of Nepomuk (beginning on the Přesanické square)IMAGE: město Nepomuk

Let us invite you to the south of Pilsen to an area famous for the beauty of its nature and associated with local legends. Visit the region of St John of Nepomuk, the most outstanding saint of Baroque Europe. You can find here the imaginary cradle of St John in his native house and a thematic exhibition in the Nepomuk Archdeaconry, the birthplace of the famous painter Augustin Němejc with a gallery of art, the municipal museum and an exhibition of veterans in the premises of the Post Office of Zelená Hora. You should not miss the Gothic Church of St James, where Saint John of Nepomuk was baptised, or the magnificent Baroque Church of St John of Nepomuk. The atmosphere of a picturesque quiet town with an oblique square formed naturally as a crossroads of important trading routes is enhanced by dozens of sculptures and small sacral buildings. Attention should be devoted also to the nearby town of Klášter, which was founded on the ruins of an important Cistercian Pomuk Monastery burned down by the Hussites and which is sometimes referred to as Czech Pompeii for its artefacts.

Nepomuk will be enlivened by special tours dedicated to the theme of St John of Nepomuk. During the programme, visitors will have an opportunity to peek into normally inaccessible monuments in the town, headed by the significant Gothic Church of St James where St John of Nepomuk was baptised. Individual stops on this undemanding tour through the centre of Nepomuk in the form of costumed theatrical and musical performances by more than 30 actors will lead us through John’s life and his cult, and will be finished with a folk music performance in the hall of the hotel U Zeleného stromu.

6:00pm – 8:30pm Under Five Stars – St John of Nepomuk – enlivened tours of the town of Nepomuk (beginning on Přesanické Square at 6:00pm)

Admission: adults CZK 110 | CZK 80
Capacity: 70 places
Partner: Mikroregion Nepomucko


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