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The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

5 July | Sunday 2:00pm – 4:30pm
A tour of the Chapel of St Vojtěch with a programme inspired by folk Baroque theatre.

IMAGE: kaple a studánka sv. Vojtěcha VrčeňThe history of the town of Vrčeň (formerly also Vrčany) dates back to the 12th century. Early records refer to a certain Oto from Vrčené in 1189 and his son Magnus in 1216. The origin of the Church of St Lawrence is documented from the 14th century. Its appearance with a high tower was influenced by a neo-Gothic reconstruction realised during the period of 1866-1869, which included enlargement of the cathedral nave. Another important sacral monument of the town is presented by the pilgrimage Chapel of St Adalbert situated on the hill of Chlumec, above the road to Čečovice. This early Baroque octagonal building from 1684 was built near the reputedly miraculous spring called Good Water. The chapel was restored in the years 1819 and 1883. The large collection of fine sacral sculptures is also extremely significant. The most valuable piece is the Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk authored by F. J. Heidelberger, which stands above a stream by the road to Dvorec. The town square displays a trio of Baroque popularised statues – the statue of Virgin Mary, probably from the turn of 18th and 19th century, the statue of St John of Nepomuk and the statue of St Adalbert. The square is fitted with a memorial dedicated to victims of World War I with a statue of a lion. In addition, there is a quite valuable and often unjustly ignored complex of folk architecture well preserved in the town.

Baroque Balábile is a series of scenic images united by the common theme of folk theatre. It uses elements which were used in folk theatre at the time of its creation: outdoor space, minimal decor and allusive costumes. The templates for Baroque Balábile are preserved along with modified texts of "7 Interludes” by V. F. Kocmánek and “The Life of St Adalbert” by Bruno of Querfurt. The second part of the template is a newly created text imitating a simple verse and preserving characters which appeared in original plays: Madman, Farmer, Farmer's Wife, Innkeeper etc. The text is adapted to modern conditions and the local environment of the Nepomuk region. Individual scenes will be staged at several locations during the ceremonial opening of the path of St Adalbert. The path leads from the town of Vrčeň through the forest to the Well of St Adalbert. The symbolic pilgrimage will be concluded by the final scene held at the pilgrimage site of the Chapel of St Adalbert as the culmination of the entire Baroque Balábile.

2:00pm opening on the square of Vrčeň
2:20pm beginning of the stroll
2:40pm first ceremonial marking of the path of St Adalbert – edge of the forest of Šťedrý
3:00pm second ceremonial marking of the path of St Adalbert – the forest of Šťedrý
3:15pm third ceremonial marking of the path of St Adalbert – crossroads By the Gypsy Place
3:30pm fourth ceremonial marking of the path of St Adalbert – The Well of Good Water
4:00pm common trip to the Chapel of St Vojtěch
4:30pm end of the programme at the Chapel


Admission: CZK 50 | CZK 30
Capacity: group of 200 visitors (places vary)
Partner: Miroslav Anton

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