...experience Baroque with all your senses...

The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

17 August | Monday 10:00am - 9:00pm
All-day programme in the landscape, 6:00pm an open-air concert by Traband.

IMAGE: Nečtiny is a small village east of the main road between Pilsen and Karlovy Vary. It is situated in picturesque landscape with forested hills, the valley of the Old Stream and its tributaries. The oldest written mention of Nečtiny is from 1169 when Vladislav II presented Manětín to the Johannites "up to the Nečtiny border". This originally Bohemian village had a rich and varied past because it lay on the old royal route between Prague and Nurnberg. During the long period of governing by aristocratic dynasties, a number of monuments were preserved; the most significant ones include the Gothic Revival chateau, the family crypt of the St Theresa from the Mensdorff-Pouilly dynasty and the filial St Anne's Church standing next to the hospital for the poor. The dominant feature is the Baroque Church of St James the Greater standing above Nečtiny. We must also mention the Nečtiny Rennaissance town hall a reminder of its former bourgeois fame and also some buildings with valuable elements of rural architecture in Nečtiny and Březín. The St Bartholomew's Church has been preserved too.

The Mill Trail

The Mill Trail is a project which started in 2014 and will be ceremonially opened as part of the 9 Weeks of Baroque festival in our region. The educational trail runs along the Old Stream from Nečtiny to Manětín and the main theme accompanying the walk is mills, the miller's trade and everything belonging to water and its power. This is fitting, as we can find six mills and an iron-mill along the almost 3km-route. A connecting theme is also Baroque in the landscape (apart from mills with their remnants of the mill-races, also preserved stems). The trail starts at Farská louka near the old Bayer's mill, continues above Tauš's mill, along the Old Stream to the Hamer mill, then it passes a spring pool in Lešovice, Cukr's mill and Heller's mill. The trail ends above Holub's mill where it connects up with the blue tourist route to Manětín and Rabštejn. The trail offers two resting places and nine information boards. The first information board is placed on the village square in Nečtiny to inform all visitors to the village about the direction and the importance of the trail.


The start of the Baroque week with the opening of the Mill Route

The opening day of the eighth festival week will offer Baroque workshops for visitors, horse riding, an information stall Bus Line 2015 and Baroque refreshments. Guided walks along the Mill Route will take place during the day. The Church of St James the Greater standing on the highest spot in the village that can be seen from far away will be open all day. The St Anne's Chapel just outside Nečtiny will also be open all day. In the evening, a band called Traband will play in the Fenix Natural Park. The route and the church will be floodlit in the evening courtesy of hundreds of candles and lights.

10:00am the main programme Baroque workshops, horse riding, an information stall, Baroque refreshments and the evening illumination of the route and the Church of St James the Greater.

5:00pm open-air concert Marek Borský / Jezinky

6:00pm open-air concert Traband

in the case of bad weather, the concerts will be moved to the St Anne's Chapel

9:00pm / every day of the eighth week chill out at the St Anne's Chapel in Nečtiny, video screening, live DJs.



Admission: daytime optional, evening concert CZK 100 | 50
Capacity: unlimited
Partner: Baroko v Čechách, z. s., http://www.barokovcechach.eu, https://www.facebook.com/barokovcechach


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