...experience Baroque with all your senses...

The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

27 July | Monday 3:00pm – 8:00pm

An afternoon programme for the entire family offering an interactive game about the Peasant Revolt. Night sky observation with the Observatory in Pilsen.

IMAGE: The area near the spa town of Konstantinovy Lázně has several extinct volcanoes which were populated in prehistoric times; the streams of energy and power emanating from these places are still perceptible. Among them are also the hills Krasíkov and Ovčí, in addition to the monumental Hradišťský vrch hill with its basalt columns, where you can find the second oldest fortified settlement in West Bohemia and a flooded quarry to cool off in on hot summer days.
The Lords of Švamberk built their seat on Krasíkov in the 13th century. Their coat of arms had a white swan for its central figure, also used as a symbol in the crests of many villages in the surroundings. The Švamberk castle stood here up until 1433 when it was devastated by a vast fire. Legend has it that the fire started in the castle kitchen when oil burst into flames while they were frying doughnuts. It was renovated afterwards, however, during the Thirty Years' War. During the Baroque period, it definitively ceased to exist, with only the ruin where a panoramic platform has recently been built serving today as a reminder of its existence. A former belfry and the Mary Magdalene Chapel which is undergoing a step-by-step renovation stand in the castle courtyard. The Ovčí vrch knoll opposite played an important role in the Baroque period, as 500 serfs who were fighting against the nobility during the peasant rebellion found refuge here. Today, there is an exhibition of Baroque sculpture art of the Konstantinovy Lázně region here, presenting the progress of restoration of Baroque statues in the surrounding villages. Konstantinovy Lázně, Krasíkov and Ovčí vrch knoll are connected today by a signposted educational trail. In the saddle between the two hills, the estate of the former brewery houses the Dvůr Krasíkov farm which offers a zoological trail, a shop selling hand-made soaps, goat cheese and other local products as well as a refreshment stall. Accommodation at the farm has also been available since last year.

Walk through the landscape between Ovčí vrch knoll and Krasíkov and discover the landmarks of the Konstantinovy Lázně region. Start your walk with a visit to the Dvůr Krasíkov farm where you can see domestic and forest animals in the local menagerie, taste exquisite goat cheese or buy hand-made herbal soap as a souvenir. Be sure not to miss out on the afternoon programme which commemorates the peasant rebellion of 1680 in an interactive game for the entire family. Watching the graceful curves of the early evening skyline. After dark, discover the secrets of the night sky, revealed for you by astronomers as well as your own imagination.
If you become hungry, do not hesitate to try out the Harant Pizzeria in the nearby village of Dolní Polžice. Its garden offers a perfect view of Krasíkov and the Ovčí vrch knoll.

3:00pm Bus Line 2015 below Krasíkov
3:00pm – 6:00pm Programme point I / Ovčí vrch knoll – The programme starts at the foot of Ovčí vrch. The first station of the peasant rebellion game is right there, too. On the way up, the interactive game unravels in the landscape; the peasant's encampment – the final station of the interactive peasant rebellion game – will be located on the knoll. An exhibition of Baroque sculptures and a fine-arts workshop will be open in the chapel and the programme will conclude with a joint procession to the meadow below Krasíkov.
3:00pm – 6:00pm Programme point II / Krasíkov – The symbolic military encampment of 1680 will be staged here, including historic cannons. A belfry offering a vantage point will be open on the Krasíkov hill, with signposts pointing to locations connected with the peasant rebellion. You will be able to enter an exhibition in the chapel and the programme will conclude with a joint procession to the meadow below Krasíkov.
3:00pm – 8:00pm programme point III – Central / the meadow at the foot of the Krasíkov hill, the lower part (by the small house)
5:00pm – 9:00pm narration about the Baroque heavens – a programme by the Pilsen observatory


Admission charge optional
Capacity: unlimited
Partner: Czech West LAG – Local Partnership, http://www.leader-ceskyzapad.cz, in collaboration with the village of Kokašice, the association of Šikulové z podhradí (Dexterous Minds of the Lower Castle), Dvůr Krasíkov (Krasíkov Farm), and Royal Rangers


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