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The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

20 August | Thursday 11:00am – 11:00pm
An all-day programme in Nečtiny and Račín. The main programme at the St Anne's Chapel: 4:00pm Kühn Children's Choir, 6:00pm Oldřich Janota + Ora Pro Nobis.

IMAGE: Other charismatic places in Nečtiny that we will present within the 9 Weeks of Baroque festival include the Church of St James the Greater, the St Anne's Chapel with a hospital and the Regional Museum in Nečtiny. The collective trip around the surrounding area will present a defunct village with an agitated history – Račín.

The Church of St James the Greater
The predecessor of the Church of St James the Greater was built in 1290 by a Bavarian from Nečtiny and destroyed during the Hussite era. Its second look was completed by Jan Pluh from Rabštejn in 1534. Marie Karolina from Kokořov destroyed this derelict church between 1750 and 1752 and replaced it with the current church. The main canopied altar bears a painting of St James, the side gates display statues of St Vojtěch and St Wenceslas, and in the northern body there is a cross altar with Mary Magdalene, Mary and John. The St Michael's altar refers to the brotherhood to which the village column was also dedicated. Opposite the cemetery gate, there stands a big Baroque rectory with a stone gate to the courtyard where ruins of old farm buildings can still be seen.

The St Anne's Chapel and hospital
The unique genius loci of Nečtiny is created by the St Anne's Chapel and the Baroque hospital which serve today as a cultural and residential space. The church was built between 1450 and 1462. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War and then immediately rebuilt, as is documented by the Baroque marble portal from 1657. The chapel became derelict after 1945, was renovated in 1970 and used as a memorial of the agricultural traditions of the North Pilsen Region. After 1990, it served as a residential space for pantomime and movement theatre led by the Kaple Studio founded by Prof. Ctibor Turba. After less than twenty years, the activities of Kaple Studio ended. The St Anne's Chapel received a new lease of life in 2010 with the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 project, when it became the main regional residential centre of the project. Since 2014, the association titled Baroque in Bohemia has been working here and carries on with these activities, organises various events and supports cultural life in this unique space. Opposite the St Anne's Chapel, the Baroque hospital is situated. The original hospital for the poor was built in 1786 by Josefa Kokořovská for six men. The exterior has a late-Rococo segmentation. It currently serves as a residential backstage for the cultural space at the St Anne's Chapel.

The Regional Museum in Nečtiny
House No. 79, the current regional museum, is typical evidence of old development in Nečtiny, a building from the early Baroque. The newly renovated building of the museum is an important information centre and offers a wide range of cultural activities on top of the main programme – museum exhibitions. Visitors can see an exhibition called Baroque in the Landscape here from 1 July to 31 August, which has been prepared in collaboration with The Museum and Gallery of the North Pilsen Region in Mariánská Týnice. The exhibition will present West Bohemian Baroque, as represented by small sacral architecture and brilliant constructions, as a unique cultural discovery and will bring attention to the possibility of returning the lost spirituality to places where it used to be strong. It will remind us that the surrounding area of Nečtiny and Manětín is a natural gallery and a unique phenomenon of Baroque art.

The defunct village of Račín
The aristocratic dynasty of Račín had a similarly agitated history as the village which still bears its name with the tag of "defunct". The settlement now has only one house. Its cadastral area is 249,66 ha. It is situated 11km from Manětín in terrain sloping to the east and the surface is covered in self-seeding growth hiding many ruins and the peripheral walls of the original houses. The first mention of the name Račín was recorded in the fiscal register in 1379. The village ceased after 1945. You can find torsos of monuments here: a statue of St John of Nepomuk – the pedestal, a cross on the outskirts of the village, a wayside cross and a cross by the Röhr mill. The Holy Trinity Chapel has been carefully and beautifully renovated by the village of Nečtiny in recent years.

Baroque Nečtiny will present an all-day programme at several places. There will be a musical programme at the Church of St James the Greater which will also be open all day. On the village square, there will be a market and a programme for children at the renovated museum. The programme will be supported by the mobile cultural centre Bus Line 2015 with theatre performances, workshops for children and music.

The Church of St James the Greater
10:00am – 6:00pm the church open all day plus a musical production

The Regional Museum in Nečtiny
10:00am – 6:00pm a mini market, a programme for children, Bus Line 2015

A community trip
11:00am Through Fields to Račín – a walking or cycling trip to the Holy Trinity Chapel in the defunct village of Račín (the route is marked) with a surprise at the end – organised by the Baroque in Bohemia association.

A social afternoon and evening on Anne, Baroque refreshments, an information stall
4:00pm the Kühn children's choir
6:00pm Oldřich Janota + Ora Pro Nobis
9:00pm a Baroque chill-out in the St Anne's Chapel in Nečtiny


Admission: daytime optional, evening concert CZK 100 | 50
Capacity: daytime unlimited, St Anne's Chapel 200 places
Partner: Baroko v Čechách, z. s., http://www.barokovcechach.eu, https://www.facebook.com/barokovcechach


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