...experience Baroque with all your senses...

The festival of Baroque monuments, landscape and culture of the Pilsen Region

29 June – 30 August 2015

IMAGE: ManětínThis region was probably born Baroque. It is characterised by vast forests, wide fields and deep valleys along streams and the Střela River. During walks through the pensive landscape, you can expect surprises and sudden encounters with small architecture, rural buildings and churches. The period which determined the character of the region is the mid-18th century. The charismatic and culturally sensitive owner of Manětín, the countess of Lažany, was the main person who filled the town and the wide surroundings with dozens of Baroque statues. The painter Petr Brandl found a refuge here and, as a sign of gratitude, he gave her several paintings for Manětín churches which represent one of the peaks of his production. The Manětín Chateau, the square with terraces adorned by sculptures and the High Path to the St Barbara's Church are gems of Baroque art which simply cannot be missed. 

If we walk around the west forest massif we will get to Nečtiny with its Baroque parish church with a great parish building towering over the houses along the road and the stream. A nice town hall is a memory of the times when Nečtiny used be a town. Further beyond the village there is the St Anne's Church used for cultural activities. Rabštejn is situated to the east of Manětín. It still holds the title of "the smallest town in Bohemia". It is situated in a dramatic terrain which drops steeply down to the Střela River. You can see the Baroque Church of Our Lady of Sorrows on the hill and a Baroque chateau below with a medieval and Rennaissance centre. Houses were spread along the path to the river and created a picturesque square on the verge of the hill.

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